Cartel hit: Drug reportedly trafficker thrown into the ocean with an anchor tied around his waist

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Unverified videos have surfaced that appear to show the moments when an alleged drug trafficker was tied to an anchor and thrown into the ocean. According to reports, the incident happened as retaliation for the man stealing 450 pounds of cocaine and money from the drug cartel he was allegedly working with before the heist.

According to the Daily Star and journalist Rafael Tolentino, alleged drug trafficker, 68-year-old Reinaldo Fuentes, and others were transporting approximately $10 million worth of cocaine for the Venezuelan Clan del Cartel into the ocean to hide it, then later telling his bosses the move was necessary to avoid being arrested by authorities.

Tolentino, who spoke to Esto No Es Radio, the large amount of cocaine had been slated to arrive in Tortola, which is part of the British Virgin Islands.

Allegedly, after telling the cartel the drugs were lost at sea due to their attempt to get away from the Coast Guard, Fuentes and his crew returned to the area where they had dumped the cocaine and retrieved it. They then took the $10 million worth of cocaine to an undetermined Caribbean island where they sold the product and kept the cash.

The media outlet then claims that one of Fuentes’ crew members told the cartel what really happened, although it is unclear what caused the crew member to alert the cartel. However, after hearing of the deception, the cartel allegedly called for a meeting on July 17th which Fuentes attended.

At some point during this meeting, the cartel members allegedly bound and gagged Fuentes and put him on a boat, making their way out to the ocean near Martinique. On the video, purported to be of Fuentes’ last minutes, he is seen with zip ties on his hands and an anchor tied to his waist.

Fuentes is seen staring at the person who is recording the video while one of the alleged cartel members can be heard telling others to ensure their faces are not seen. Another person is heard saying afterward that Fuentes would have no way to “save himself.”

Two alleged cartel members then struggled to pick Fuentes off of a raft before throwing him headfirst into the ocean. The video ended after Fuentes began to sink into the ocean in what would seem to be his last moments alive.

Fuentes was believed to have been a middleman for the Venezuelan Clan del Cartel and also allegedly in charge of drug dealings in Bonao area of Buenos Aires, according to Tolentino. Due to his dealings with Middle Easterners in this area, Fuentes was given the nickname of “Taliban.”

Tolentino also reported Fuentes had been most recently living under the name of Miguel Fulcar in the Dominican Republic where he was allegedly dating a lawyer. He had last been living in Bonao, a city in the Dominican Republic.

The Venezuelan Clan del Cartel allegedly has been operating in Latin America and had leaders from several different countries over the years. One of their alleged leaders, Dairo Antonio Usuga David, also known as Otoneil, was taken into custody by American authorities for the drug operations.

David was found guilty and sentenced in August of this year to 45 years in prison. During the sentencing, David was ordered to forfeit $216 million which is believed to have been profits earned from the drug cartel drug operation.
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