Where's the DOJ? Pro-Hamas rioters attempt to storm Democratic National Committee HQ, assault cops...only one arrest

WASHINGTON, DC- Leftists appear intent on “eating their own” as a violent mob of pro-Hamas demonstrators rioted outside Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, police said. The violent outbreak caused the area around the headquarters to be evacuated, NBC News reported. 

U.S. Capitol police posted on “X” that a “large group of illegal protesters…have cleared out, but USCP officers will stay on scene out of an abundance of caution.” The number of rioters was put at about 150, and police said they were “violently protesting in the area.” 

Capitol police said six officers were treated for injuries, and one person was arrested and charged with assault on an officer. 

Fox News Digital spoke to some of the protesters, who said there were 300 people on-scene protesting the war between Israel and Hamas terrorists. 

Fox News Digital said officers’ injuries ranged from minor cuts to pepper spray burns to being punched by the violent rioters who were embedded among what were described as peaceful protesters. 

Approximately 150 police officers and 50 police vehicles from the DC Metropolitan Police Department were also seen at the riot. Video posted to social media showed violent rioters pushing police officers and attempting to grab hold of metal barricades erected around DNC headquarters. 

Meanwhile, ABC-7 in Chicago reported Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.) was one of those members of Congress evacuated from DNC headquarters. Posting on “X,” Casten said the protesters “blocked all modes of ingress and egress” from the building. 

“You have the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble and protest. But blocking all entries to a building with multiple members of Congress in it, protected by Capitol Police officers who have lived through January 6, is putting you and other innocent people at risk,” Casten wrote. “We were rescued by armed officers who did not know the protestors’ intent; they knew only that Members of Congress were inside, could not leave, and that protestors would not let police through. Forcing police to guess intent is irresponsible and dangerous.” 

Among those protesting were members of “If Not Now” and “Jewish Voice for Peace,” who have organized other demonstrations in the nation’s capital. 

California Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman also posted on “X,” saying protesters “grew violent, pepper spraying police officers, and attempting to break into the building.” 

“Was just evacuated from the DNC after pro-terrorist, anti-Israel protestors grew violent, pepper spraying police officers and attempting to break into the building. Thankful to the police officers who stopped them and for helping me and my colleagues get out safely.” 

As expected, the rioters blamed police for the violence, with one protester telling Fox News Digital they were “peacefully protesting” and it was officers who instigated the violence. 

“We were peacefully saying ‘ceasefire now,’ and the cops violently pushed us to the ground, threw us to the ground,” said the protester, who only gave her name as “Olivia.” 

She refused to share how the protesters organized with Fox News. 

“We’re demanding a ceasefire now,” she said. “Eleven thousand people have been murdered. Millions of our taxpayer dollars go to Israel to carry out this genocide” she said spouting Hamas talking points without providing a factual basis for her claims.

The incident at the DNC was in stark contrast to a pro-Israel event held this past Tuesday, a point that wasn’t lost on former Michigan Representative and Senate Candidate Peter Meijer. 

“A quarter-million folks rallying on the Mall yesterday to support Israel? Peaceful, orderly, strong,” Meijer wrote on “X.” “Two hundred anti-Israel protesters outside DNC tonight? Chaos, weakness, Capitol buildings locked down. Says a lot!”  

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) wrote on “X” that Joe Biden should treat the “pro-Hamas insurrectionists” the same as the administration has treated the January 6 political prisoners. 

“Biden admin must use every law-enforcement tactic against these pro-Hamas insurrectionists that it has used in the January 6 cases. Track them down, arrest them, convict them, and lock ‘em up.” 

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They SHOULD have arrested every one of them that they even suspected them of assaulting an Officer or refused to disburse. Then arrest them like they treated those from Jan 6th 2021!

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