Police arrest 13-year-old boy for stabbing teacher with mechanical pencil, slamming her in in the head

COLLIER COUNTY, FL - According to a report from FOX 35, authorities have arrested a 13-year-old student who allegedly stabbed his teach with a mechanical pencil and hit her with his backpack. 

Due to the student's age, his name has not been released. He has been charged with battery on an education employee and disruption of school function.

The incident took place on Tuesday, October 3rd, at Golden Gate Middle School in Naples, Florida. According to the Collier County Sheriff's Office (CCSO), the teacher suffered non-life-threatening injuries, including a cut to the back of her head. 

The sheriff's office said:

"The student became disruptive in class when the teacher took a pair of scissors from him. The teacher began to hand him a pass to leave class to visit a counselor. When she placed her hands on his desk to give him the note, the student tore the pass and stabbed her hand with a mechanical pencil."

The report added:

"The student then struck the teacher in the back if the head with a backpack as she requested assistance in removing him from the classroom."

Investigators said that the dispute started when the teacher tried to stop the student from sharpening his pencil with a pair of scissors during class. 

Officials said that the teacher ushered other students out of the classroom "to a safe space" and the boy was then "taken into custody." 

In a separate incident, two teenage girls were accused of attacking a substitute teacher back in March 2023. The alleged incident took place at Turning Point Academy. 

A spokesperson from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) said that a 16-and-17-year-old were charged with assault and disorderly conduct after getting "aggressive toward a teacher."

The substitute teacher said that she suffered injuries to her head, neck and hand. She said that she never imagined that when she started subsitute teaching at an alternative school that it would lead to her being attacked. She said:

"Somebody needs to get up out their bed and shut that school down. They're going to let somebody sneak a gun in there next."

One of the girls charged toward the substitute teacher without warning and the other girl came from behind and pulled her to the ground. The teacher said:

"And when she knocked me down, that's when she got her hands on me. And she jumped behind me and was choking me back here, and pulling me on my neck, and pulling all my hair. And that's when they started beating me."

She said that after the incident, no one offered to call a paramedic or take her to a hospital. She said her daughter took her to get medical treatment. She said:

"I'm hurt that I didn't have hardly no support today because I've been nothing but good to Turning Point. I don't call out. I'm a sub and anytime them kids ask me for something to eat, I give it to them."

She added:

"They need help. They need more support or the people who are at the schools that's in these roles, they need better training."

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