Cop-killer identified, was already banned from owning a firearm - tried to get children to join in shooting police

BURNSVILLE, MN - As more details come out about the tragedy in Burnsville that saw two police officers and a firefighter paramedic killed, it's been revealed that the suspect was banned from owning a firearm. This, despite a firearm being used in the murders and over 100 rounds being fired.

Police were called to a domestic disturbance, where they met a 38-year-old man, Shannon Gooden. It's unclear what the actual disturbance was and who called 911. While specific details are unclear, it's been reported that upon arrival, Gooden told officers there were no guns in the house and that the children were all safe. Somehow the incident escalated to a standoff with police, where Gooden barricaded himself in the home with his seven children, aged two to 15.

The fallen officers have been identified as Burnsville Officers Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge. Both were just 27 years old. The fallen firefighter paramedic was identified as 40-year-old Adam Finseth, who was assigned to the city’s SWAT team. A third officer was shot and wounded, identified as Sergeant Adam Medlicott.

Local news outlet Fox 9 reported that Gooden had been prohibited from possessing a gun in Minnesota following a 2008 conviction of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. In 2020, he petitioned the court to have his firearms rights restored but was denied the request. Multiple firearms were reportedly recovered from the scene.

Noemi Torres is the mother of three of Gooden's children, who were all in the house with Gooden during the incident. She has spoken to the media regarding the situation, claiming that had Gooden been provided with appropriate mental health resources, he and the three first responders would be alive today. 

"I have a whole bunch of questions for a few people in Ramsey County," said Torres. "It's frustrating because my kids did not have to lose their dad. He could have got mental help, they could have helped in a lot of ways and they didn't, you know three responders' lives could have been saved."

It's unclear on whom in the county Torres places guilt specifically. She is also sympathetic and grateful for the fallen first responders, saying that her kids are probably still alive thanks to their "courage and bravery." She said since Gooden lied to officers when they arrived, police couldn't have known the situation would escalate so drastically. "I feel like they didn't know what they were getting into," she said.

Her children told Torres that Gooden attempted to get the children to shoot at police alongside him during the first part of the standoff. "I never thought my son knew how to shoot guns," said Torres. "And that's basically what he wanted, a whole shoot out with my kids involved [with] the cops."

Gooden was found dead with an apparent gunshot wound to the head, which the medical examiner ruled as a suicide. He had reportedly been shot by an officer and tried to make a tourniquet out of a belt. According to CBS News, one of the children said he was afraid he was going to bleed out. Her 14-year-old daughter was in the room with him when he shot himself in the head.

Torres said that Gooden asked the kids, "Do you want to come with me?" to which all children replied they did not.

"Thank God that he didn't turn the gun and started killing them one by one," Torres said.

Torres and Gooden were together for 10 years but split up in 2016. They have three children together, ages 15, 14, and 12. The three children were living with Gooden, his new girlfriend, and four other children. Gooden and Torres were due in court two days after the deadly incident to settle a custody dispute.

Gooden said that Torres was neglecting the children, while she told the court that Gooden was controlling and abusive towards her and the kids.

"I don't have to pay child support, that obligation is no longer needed," she said. "I guess I get full custody, sole custody of my children so basically everything I asked the courts before now I'm receiving it."
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