" The house of cards is collapsing": Draft search warrant from Hunter Biden emails identify Joe Biden as "the big guy"

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a post on X, CBS's Catherine Herridge shares information she found by digging through some of the documents released by the Republican-led House Ways & Means Committee from the Hunter Biden investigation. 

In the video that accompanied by that post, Herridge said:

"I want to walk you through exhibits 202 and 203. Exhibit 202 is an email from August 2020 sent by prosecutor Leslie Wolf to senior FBI and IRS investigators who are drafting a search warrant.

Wolf tells them to keep the scope narrow and limited to potential violations of foreign lobbying laws, or FARA and to remove references to 'Political Figure 1.'"

She added:

"So who is 'Political Figure 1?' Well, that's explained in Exhibit 203. It is heavily redacted, but this is the draft warrant and it lists 'Political Figure 1' as former Vice President Joe Biden."

She continued:

"The IRS whistleblowers have alleged they were blocked from following evidence that may have led to President Biden. We reached out to special counsel David Weiss and the Justice Department, who declined to comment.

Weiss says he is working independently from the Justice Department. President Biden and Hunter Biden have denied any wrongdoing." 

The draft search warrant referenced in that email communication seems to indicate that President Joe Biden is, in fact, "The Big Guy" as referenced in Hunter's emails with business partners. 

A previous article from RedState details how Frank Biden, the president's brother, has often referred to Joe Biden as "The Big Guy," which could mean that it is a nickname not just used by Hunter in his email exchanges with his business partners. According to that article:

"Frank Biden, the president's brother, referred to him as the 'Big Guy' multiple times while working for an industrial manufacturing company called Federal Signal Corporation ... During a weekly call, Frank Biden, 69-years-old, would frequently interrupt the meeting and say he had to take a call from 'the Big Guy,' as he put it." 

The impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden began the last week of September. Democrats continue to claim that there is no evidence that the president ever engaged in any wrongdoing. 

According to a report from CBS News, three House committees are looking into whether President Biden "abused his federal office to enrich his family and conceal his and/or his family misconduct."

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan said in a statement that accompanied the subpoenas:

"The subpoenaed bank records will help the Committees determine whether Joe Biden abused his office by selling access and/or by receiving payments or other benefits in exchange for official acts."

During a presidential debate back in October 2020, Biden denied any involvement in Hunter's foreign work. He said:

"I have not taken a penny from any foreign source, ever in my life."

In a post on X, Ian Sams, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations said that Congressional Republicans are using the probe to "distract from a potential government shutdown," and called the impeachment inquiry "nothing more than a baseless wild goose chase."
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Why are so many people uninformed and not paying attention to this story? This might be the greatest act of treason in our history. Everyone of the Bidens should be executed for treason. Do you think that would send a wake up call to politicians?

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