Oakland officials threaten 102-year-old man over graffiti on his home while the rest of the city is covered in it

OAKLAND, CA- Victor Silva, Sr., a 102-year-old gentleman, is facing trouble with city officials because of graffiti on his home. Despite being wheelchair-bound, Silva received a warning from the City of Oakland to clean up the graffiti or face a $1,100 fine. Additionally, he will face  $1,277 fines each time the fence fails a re-inspection.

Silva's home is a frequent target for vandals, and over the years, he's tried to paint over the graffiti multiple times. In his younger days, Silva easily covered up the graffiti himself, as he used to work as a contractor.

But now, due to his age and physical condition, it's harder for him. His 70-year-old son has taken on the task of painting over the graffiti whenever it appears, although Silva himself attempts to help from his wheelchair as well. "It's hard to keep up with it because as soon as we get it painted, It's gonna be graffiti on it again, and it won't last," Silva Jr. said.

Elena Silva, Silva Sr.’s daughter-in-law, said the situation is “absurd."  She said, “It’s like a joke. If you drive around the city and see the graffiti everywhere, it’s just, I don’t know what to say.”

The Silva family also owns a small business building in Oakland, which has been broken into three times in the past year alone. Silva Jr., Victor's son, recounted a break-in where he found someone inside their shop and called 911.

However, he mentioned that he was put on hold every time he called for emergency help. This has left him questioning where their tax dollars are being used. He stated that he wonders why city officials are focusing on a graffiti-covered fence instead of addressing more pressing issues, like the rampant crime and lower quality of life for citizens.

Crime has indeed been on the rise in Oakland. Recent data from the city's police force shows a significant increase in robberies, motor vehicle thefts, and burglaries from 2022 to 2023. Robberies went up by 38%, while motor vehicle theft saw a rise of 44%. Businesses in Oakland are feeling the impact of this crime surge, with many choosing to shut down permanently.

For instance, Taco Bell locations in the city have switched to drive-thru and cashless payments only after being targeted by a series of robberies.

In-N-Out Burger, another fast-food chain in Oakland, also reported being affected by the city's crime wave. Denny Warnick, the company's chief operations officer, stated that despite their efforts to create safer conditions, both customers and associates regularly face car break-ins, property damage, theft, and armed robberies. The establishment shut its doors for good last weekend.

The situation in Oakland has become concerning for residents and businesses alike. While a 102-year-old man like Victor Silva, Sr. finds himself at odds with city officials over graffiti on his home, the broader issue of increasing crime rates and its impact on the community remains a pressing concern.

Many are calling for changes and improvements to address the growing crime problem and ensure the safety and well-being of Oakland's residents and businesses.

“So, it’s hard to understand where our tax dollars are going,” Silva Jr. said. “They can’t answer 911, but they can come out and hassle you about the fence. I would hate to think that there [are] other hundred-year-old people that are being harassed like this. Oakland has to change. The system is not working.”
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You wanna feel bad for these people, but then they did vote for the trash government they have.


Just because they voted doesn't mean their vote was counted properly.


Exactly......I live in Oregon, but vote consistent CONSERVATIVE each and every time. Don't blame me.....blame the liberal IDIOTS in Portland, Salem and Eugene!! ;-(


Ya well he's white so...


When it comes to liberal run cities and states, INSANITY rules!!!

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